A Fresh 48 session is a photo shoot for brand-new humans, right when they're within 48 hours old. It's a chance to capture those super early moments in a baby's life, usually taking place in the hospital or place of birth.

Now, who's the perfect candidate for this adorable snapshot extravaganza? Well, it's mainly for folks who want to freeze-frame those initial hours of their baby's life. If you're into candid shots and want to remember that fresh-outta-the-oven look, a Fresh 48 is your jam.

Think about it: those teeny-tiny fingers, the first yawns, maybe even that wrinkly forehead thing babies do. It's like a visual time capsule of the very beginning. Usually, parents who book these sessions are keen on capturing the raw and unfiltered moments right after birth.

Also, it's an awesome option for those who might not be up for the whole shebang of BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY. YOU CAN GET ALL THE TINY DETAILS COVERED, while keeping your birth an intimate affair.


What exactly happens during a Fresh 48 session?

So, during a Fresh 48, a photographer swings by your hospital room or birthing center to capture those super early moments with your brand-new babe. It's all about the raw and real – no posing or studio lights. Just you, your tiny human, and the magic of those first 48 hours.

When is the best time to schedule a Fresh 48 session?

Ideally, you want to aim for that sweet spot within the first two days of your baby's arrival. Hence the name "Fresh 48." It's like catching them in their newborn bubble before life gets too, well, lively.

You'll need to book your spot ahead of time so I can get your session in the books. Due to the unpredictable nature of birth I can only schedule so many a month.


Do I need to prep anything special for the session?

Nope, not really. Just bring your adorable baby and let the natural charm unfold. Maybe tidy up the hospital room a bit if you're feeling extra fancy, but really, it's about keeping it authentic.

Can I have a Fresh 48 session if I'm not delivering in a hospital?

Absolutely! Whether it's a birthing center, home birth, or some other unique spot, if your baby's there, the photographer can be too. It's all about capturing those early moments wherever they happen.


How long does a Fresh 48 session usually last?

These sessions are generally short and sweet, hovering around the 1-hour mark. Just enough time to freeze-frame the early cuteness without making it a marathon event. However I allow up to two hours in case we need it for feeding breaks, ect.

What if I'm not feeling my best after giving birth?

Totally get it! The beauty of Fresh 48 sessions is they embrace the real deal. You don't need to worry about looking picture-perfect. It's about capturing the genuine and unfiltered moments, messy hair and all.


Can I include family members in the session?

Absolutely! Grandparents, siblings, whoever you want. It's your little one's debut, so anyone who's part of the welcoming committee is fair game.

How soon will I get the photos after the session?

I aim to deliver a couple sneak peeks within 24 hours so that you have photos to announce with! The completed gallery will be delivered within two weeks.