Images that depict your real lived experiences

When I was a kid, I was constantly changing my bedroom.

Moving furniture around, painting on the walls, decorating and re-decorating.

I realize now, as an adult who does the same thing with her home, that I've always treated my nesting place as an extension of my personality.

I was always fascinated with the homes of all of my friends...each one so different.

"Home is where the heart is" they say. And I truly feel this in my soul.

My home is the first house I bought. It's where I birthed my baby boy. Having images of my family in our home was a no-brainer for me. I never want to forget these days.

These are the types of images that only get better with time;

when you've changed the color of the walls, or replaced your furniture- your pets have passed, or you've moved on to something new...

Our memories fade.

It's an unfortunate fact of life.

but you can preserve these fleeting moments and everything that encompassed them.

That's why I specialize in lifestyle photography.

I want to come to your home, or someplace that means a whole heck of a lot to you. and freeze those moments for you.

It's a gift that can't be redone, and you and your children deserve it.

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While I have put my focus on birth and newborn photography- I started my journey photographing maternity sessions. I encourage up to two outfit changes, and am down to get creative! We will work together to make your vision come to life. I'm the photographer for you if you want editorial-style outdoor maternity images, or vintage-looking cozy maternity images shot at home.

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Fresh 48

If you want all the newborn details captured as soon as possible but don't want a photographer at your birth, this is the session for you. I come to the hospital or your place of birth within 48 hours of baby's arrival and get those classic hospital shots & all the details that begin to change far too quickly.

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In-Home Newborn

One of the last things I wanted to do after giving birth was leave my house. Getting everyone ready and then going to a studio where I had to hope my new baby would be just wasn't ideal to me.

That's why I bring the session to you.

I come to you with props and the expertise to capture beautiful images in any lighting situation. Minimal posing as we aim to capture the natural essence of your life with a newborn. This session lasts up to two hours which ensures that there will be enough time for mom and baby to have some breaks as needed.

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If you want to highlight your parenthood journey, this might be the session for you. Maybe you want to capture your breastfeeding journey, or bath-time with your babe while they're still young. Maybe you just want me to document your life as it is right now: making breakfast in the morning, outdoor play, cuddles at nap-time, dinner. Short and sweet or a full day of documentation- I'd love to hear what you have in mind.