Authentic moments for nostalgic mothers

Maternal Beginnings;

You will receive all images in color and black & white. A few weeks before your photo-shoot we will hop on a call to discuss your session and get into the details like location, outfits, emotions, and modesty levels. The goal is to create art that feels like you:

Images that feel nostalgic, raw, real.

You want to remember the stretch marks, the way your children can't help but want to hug your growing belly constantly, the loving looks from your partner as they marvel over your ability to create and birth life. You seek to remember the roller coaster of emotions from this period of your life, not just your beautiful bump. You are a woman who is not modest when it comes to appreciating how incredible your body is.




Frequently asked questions:

How far along should I be when I schedule my maternity photo session?

I recommend scheduling your shoot between 32 and 36 weeks if you want to capture your belly when it is most full. (I recommend booking your shoot much farther in advance to ensure availability!) However, if you feel like you will be too tired, in any discomfort, or worried you may go into labor sooner for any reason, anytime after 28 weeks is recommended.

Can my partner and children be included in the maternity photos? What about pets?

Yes of course! They're all a part of your journey and can 100% be a part of your session!

Where should we do the shoot?

I'm a sucker for sessions shot in-home, and in nature. Fountainebleu State Park, Audubon Park, City Park, the French Quarter, the New Orleans Botanical Gardens are all good options!

"Her pregnant form was a canvas upon which life's brushstrokes played, every curve and contour a testament to the miracle unfolding within. She was a living work of art, carrying the promise of a new chapter in the story of humanity."

Sarah Dessen, Along for the Ride