Curious as to what an in-home newborn lifestyle photo-shoot entails? Let's dive in!

When I arrive, I will ask that you give me a tour of the spaces you are most interested in utilizing.

Often we will start in the nursery space. I will capture detail shots of personalized decor, and the space you worked so hard to create for your little one.

I will structure our session around the available natural light in the spaces you want to shoot in.

I will shoot you and your family interacting with your newborn with very minimal-to-no posing. The best photographs are the ones that showcase your family as you truly are!

I will also make sure to get some shots of baby alone. I have a number of props and wraps I will bring to your session to let you choose from, if you don't have any of your own you want to use.

I love this part! Getting to capture the tiny feet wrinkles, pouty lips, and strands of wispy newborn hair is my favorite!

Towards the end, I will ask you if there are any other specific moments you want captured. I will double check to make sure we've gotten a little bit of everything. Two hours may seem like a long time for a photo shoot but I promise it goes by so quickly!

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