Intimate Moments of Family Life

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To me, every moment is worth documenting.

Sure, most people try to get their photos done at certain times of the year, for certain holidays or anniversaries...but I say, why not now? Document the small moments. Bath time, story time, a few hours of your children doing their favorite things. Let's chat about your favorite memories and how we can preserve them for your children to pass down to their children.

Frequently asked questions:

How is a parenthood session different from a newborn session?

The newborn sessions are done in home, usually* within three weeks of baby's arrival. They have a fairly similar cadence as far as what gets captured. Parenthood sessions are a little more broad. We talk about what is most important about your parenthood journey and come up with a shoot that will capture this time in your life. It could be as short as a bath-time session, or as long as a full day of documenting a family fun day.

What if my home isn't very pretty or "Pinterest-worthy"?

Short answer: it doesn't need to be! Check out this blog post I wrote on the topic for more information.

What should we wear?

I may write a blog post about this topic here soon, but ultimately the decision is yours! I recommend casual, cosy, & neutral but if your family identifies as colorful and loud...well, I'm here for it! I do think staying away from distracting patterns and logos (I'm looking at you, dad!) is a good idea. We can always go over your ideas before your session.