"But Autumn, we don't have a pretty Pinterest-worthy home"

I hate this objection. I really do.

I mean, I totally understand your concern about the appearance of your home when it comes to having someone come to you for an in-home newborn lifestyle shoot, but like- you literally just had a baby.

If your home is stunning and spotless I commend you because wow. Who are you and are you human?

Let's face it- it's a common worry that many of my clients have. But seriously, let me assure you that having a Pinterest-worthy home is far from being a requirement for beautiful newborn photography.

Here's the thing: newborn lifestyle photography is all about capturing the love, connection, and authentic moments in your life with your new baby. It's not about having a perfectly styled and immaculate home. In fact, some of the most heartwarming and memorable photos come from the coziest and most lived-in spaces.

Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't worry about the aesthetics of your home:

  1. Real Life is Beautiful: Authenticity is key in lifestyle photography. Your home, as it is, reflects your unique journey and story. Messy living rooms, baby gear scattered around, or imperfect corners are all part of the charm of everyday life.

2. Focus on What Matters: During a newborn lifestyle shoot, the focus is primarily on you, your baby, and your interactions. The background serves as a canvas for those beautiful moments. I know how to frame the image to highlight the most important element: your family!

3. Natural Light is Your Best Friend: Good lighting is essential for great photos. Natural light, even from a simple window, can work wonders. My camera is equipped to handle pretty astoundingly low-light situations, so don't "oh the light is terrible in my house"-me. I got this. (and if I just don't, we can always step outside!)

4. Simple Can Be Stunning: Sometimes, simplicity is the key to stunning photographs. A neutral or minimalistic background can make your baby and your family stand out beautifully.

5. Editing Magic: I'm not one to edit skin to be flawless or make your baby look like a porcelain doll. I prefer to keep the baby flakes and rosy cheeks- however, I will fix lighting and color in my post-processing. I aim for my photos to look as life-like as possible, just subtly enhanced.

Your home is a backdrop to the story of your family's love and the precious moments with your newborn. The imperfections, the clutter, and the unfiltered reality of your space can all add to the charm and nostalgia of your photos. Embrace your home as it is, and trust me to make magic; creating lasting memories that you'll treasure forever.