Those first weeks

In-Home Newborn Lifestyle

Taken in the comfort of your own home; mostly natural un-posed images with subtle direction. I do bring baskets/props/swaddles to get a few classic swaddled baby-shots if you want!




Frequently asked questions:

What if my home isn't very pretty or "Pinterest-worthy"?

Short answer: it doesn't need to be! Check out this blog post I wrote on the topic for more information.

Can we include pets in our lifestyle photography session?

Pets, siblings, grandma & grandpa...they're all a part of the family and can 100% be a part of your session!

What should we wear?

I may write a blog post about this topic here soon, but ultimately the decision is yours! I recommend casual, cosy, & neutral but if your family identifies as colorful and loud...well, I'm here for it! I do think staying away from distracting patterns and logos (I'm looking at you, dad!) is a good idea. We can always go over your ideas before your session.